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I've been vaguely stalking various Steve/Chris authors over the past day, and I have discovered some very entertaining things that I felt the need to share:

-During one of their trips to London, all of Steve's luggage was lost. Apparently they didn't have time to go shopping, so Steve ended up wearing all of Chris' clothes to the gig. And then they talked about it. A lot. And Steve claimed that he was wearing Chris underwear, but according to to the girl who's journal I was stalking, Chris had told them at some point previous that Steve never wore underwear.

-At this same gig, Steve sang "You Belong With Me", and Chris said that it always makes him want to lick Steve when he played it. How much more gay and in love can they be?!?!

-Chris was very badly sunburned at said gig, because he and Steve had been fishing in Tennessee and Chris didn't wear sunscreen, even though Steve told him too. Which just proves that Chris is completely incapable of functioning as a human being without Steve.

And now, some new pictures.Collapse )
So, I'm talking with my sister, and she's relating what happened in her Gothic Tales of Terror class last week, and all I'm thinking is that it would be perfect in the LAIR!verse, most likely as a Rosenbaum dare or something.

Her prof. is talking about his guitarist friend, and how he just invented the cheese smoothie. *pauses to let that thought sink in* It's Velveeta cheese, ice, a cinnamon stick and a sprig of mint all blended together and drunk through a hollowed out Slim Jim. (Okay, that part about the Slim Jim was added by one of the other students, but it's kinda cool. *g*)

Plus, now whenever anyone who was in that class with her wants to make one of the others laugh, especially while they're on stage performing *g*, all they have to do is lean over and say 'cheese smoothie.' And I can just see one of the guys trying to do something serious and one of the others looking all solemn and leaning over, looking them straight in the eye and saying 'cheese smoothie.'

things we have learned tonight:

A. When I have insomnia and no one to play with, I google pretty boys.

B. Steve is bendy.

C. Steve apparently smokes. I feel as though at some point, Sheryl should find out and lecture him. And it involves lots of Steve nodding and looking at the ground and saying "Yes, ma'am," and Chris is gloating smugly in the corner, because finally, finally, Steve did something wrong.

D. This is the scariest face I have ever seen Chris make.

E. Steve was channeling Supernatural before there even was a Supernatural. First Stop, and also Fade Away

F. When you google image search for "Christian Kane", you eventually get a picture of Jared Padalecki. When you google image search "Steve Carlson", you eventually get a picture of the Pope.

Because I am nothing if not an enabler...

I honestly do not know how I have not shared these pictures with you guys yet.

Chris and Steve's most embarassing pictures to dateCollapse )

I also uploaded all the good bits of Keep Your Distance (which are pretty much just the scenes with Chris) because I have no life. And I discovered how to edit .avi files. clips, ahoy!Collapse )

thinky thoughts about steve's background

Okay, so I was talking to Merrin about this in this post. I made up some backstory for Steve, in which his parents are peace, love and granola types in SoCal, and they live near the beach and encourage their children's creativity and cook lots of wholesome food. And since most of my ideas about his family comes from Duck Drake's family in Baby Be Bop and Todd's family in I Was A Teenage Fairy, both by Francesca Lia Block, I decided to post some bits from the book.

Baby Be-BopCollapse )

I Was A Teenage FairyCollapse )

and get america high

Is that.... STEVE in the background? Playing the guitar?


I've actually written more. A little more. Like three paragraphs of something. Or something. Or whatever. (I promise the story is more coherent than this post.)

Also, I've looked at a lot of pictures of Steve Carlson, and I'm a little in love with him now.


other less thinky thoughts

So, I was browsing around on the internet earlier today, and I found something. Now the only question is, which of the boys collects them?

Example pics are back here *g*Collapse )
So, all four of the boys are in Nashville for a Kane gig, and Jensen and Jared decide to deliver my CD while they're in TN, so they rent a car and head out on the interstate. They're snarking over something, and maybe Jared's having a hard time reading Jensen's handwriting for the directions and they take the wrong exit and get lost. Being men, they don't want to stop and ask for directions and so they keep driving further and further into the middle of nowhere and getting more and more lost.

And eventually when the road is getting rougher and they're way up in the hills (and they keep thinking that they're hearing banjos) they finally decide that asking for directions won't make them unmanly, and besides no one has to know they did it, so they pull in this long driveway and have to stop half-way to the house because there's a goat on a leash guarding the house, and when Jared gets out of the car and slams the door the goat just keels over since it's a fainting goat only the boys don't realize that and think they killed the poor thing somehow and Jared dives back into the car and they peel out in a hurry cause they see an old guy coming around the side of the house with a shotgun.

Eventually they find a small gas station somewhere and get their directions and manage to deliver my CD. And since they have a bit of free time they decide to hang around TN for a bit longer and have an impromptu vacation. So they drive around, checking out the local landmarks, and they're eating lunch somewhere when they hear about a haunted bridge and this small graveyard where a family of witches was supposedly buried and decide that it would be good research for the show and check it out, where either they're once again chased away by a guy with a shotgun or arrested for trespassing (at the graveyard, not the bridge.)

Thinky thoughts I was thinking...

Jared and Jensen had to have met Sheryl before - because when Chris and Steve go to retrieve the box of cds and Jensen is with, she later comments about what a nice couple J2 are.

Perhaps she visited Chris and met them? And either that can be when she tells Jared about Chris and "the Lair"...because we want to have Jared know about the Lair earlyish on in their Supernatural days, so that he can use it for Samspiration.
Okay. I went through the original post of DOOM, as well as the subsequent posts in our own journals, and cut and paste plot related things into a Word document, and tried to separate them into general story groupings. I also made a separate document with the general time line of events for the CD Retrieving/Delivering Story, as far as I understand it at this point. I think I got everything, but I'm not really sure. I think that between me and Tess though, it's all there somewhere.

I put them on Google Docs and shared them with you guys (Tess and Jade, I used your username@livejournal e-mails, hope that works), but I'm not completely sure how Google Docs works yet, so I also uploaded them here so at least you could download them. They are way too long to be posted in an entry.

Plot Bits

Time line

And worst comes to worst, I'll just e-mail you guys the original files.